International Accerdiation

    • Preaudit Done by world class regulatory bodies like Instituto de Investigation
    • •Biomedica de Malaga (IBIMA)
    • •Colombia, Medicines Control Council, (MCC), South Africa
    • •Audited & Approved by ministry of Health Pharmacy and Poison Board
    • •Republic of Kenya
    • •Ministeze de La Bante Et de L & Hy giene Pibiique, Ivory Coast
    • •Audited And Approved By MOH Nepal
    • •Audited And Approved By MOH Philippines
    • •Products Under registration in Cambodia /Philippines
    • •Complete product Registration in HONDURAS

Beta Drugs aim is to ensure better access of affordable medicine.

Thus, Beta Drugs have branched out to
global markets so that we reach as many people as possible
Gobal presence